Committed to our environment

ESGCommitted to people and the planet


Sustainability from its social, environmental and governance areas guide Mayoral's commitments.

ESG Policy 


Commitment to the Environment

Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources

Our commitment to sustainability is present in every process of the value chain, from the use of raw materials to the design of products and packaging.
  • Use of certified materials and more sustainable processes, such as: recycled polyester, organic cotton, ecowash...
  • Specific projects for the responsible and sustainable management of resources related to the extraction and transformation of cotton, Mayoral's main raw material.
  • Adaptation of its logistics centers and chain stores to an eco-efficient model.
  • Promotion of actions and tools that contribute to the decarbonization of the supply chain and the circularity of products.
  • We signed different agreements with our logistics suppliers to reduce emissions.


Commitment to society

Involvement in its community

Mayoral is a socially active company through different initiatives:
  • Collaboration with Aldeas Infantiles SOS and sponsorship of the Malaga Day Center.
  • Donations of garments through national and international associations.
  • Financial donations to different foundations of various kinds.
  • Participation in some of the most important associations at regional and provincial level, such as the San Telmo International Institute, or the Malaga Foundation, which promotes art and culture in society.


Commitment to employees

Human Resources Management

Mayoral strives to create a safe and stable work environment that identifies the potential of each employee and allows for internal promotion.
  • Commitment to provide decent, stable and quality employment.
  • Defense and promotion of equal opportunities, gender equality, conciliation, and diversity of origin and culture.
  • Encouragement of employee training offering them opportunities to build a career in accordance with their work and professional expectations.
  • Social inclusion policies.


Commitment to Corporate Governance

Shared values

We require suppliers and collaborating entities to comply with different standards, as well as the commitment to our culture and values.

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