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With the arrival of your baby, many questions arise, and one of them is how to prepare your baby’s wardrobe. At Mayoral we help you dress your little one with a complete collection of baby clothes, from birth to 36 months. You can find soft sleepwear for their moments of rest, cotton bodysuits to maintain their body temperature, suits or baby boy clothes for ceremonies and dresses or baby girl clothes for special occasions, comfortable outfits for nursery, T-shirts, jumpers and trousers for their day to day and much more.
In addition, we offer baby clothes for summer and winter every season. You will find swimwear and towels for their first days at the beach, as well as warm coats and hat and scarf sets for colder temperatures. We also have a collection of childcare accessories with very useful items such as maternity bags, coolers, changing mats, bibs, towels, muslins and much more.

With more than 80 years of experience in the children’s fashion sector, Mayoral has become a specialist in dressing the little ones. That’s why, in Mayoral’s baby clothing collection you will find trendy and high-quality fashion: each garment is tailor-made with soft fabrics that are gentle on the skin. 
Mayoral's baby clothing collection is designed to meet their mobility needs in this sweet stage. Comfort is the main focus of all the garments and accessories that compose it. You will be surprised by the openings in the garments, which make it easier to put them on and change nappies; the garments that have different finishes depending on the size to adapt to your baby's stage; and also the sets or outfits, perfect for a change of look in case of any unexpected situation. 

You can find newborn clothes in Mayoral’s online store so you can prepare their layette from the comfort of your home. You can browse our website and select everything that you need for your little one from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Are you looking for clothes for premature babies or size 0? Baby clothes for christenings? Find them in our online store!
Get the right size for each item, just click on the 'size guide' button on each product page to find out the measurements. And there's more: all returns are free. We are waiting for you at!