Kids’ Shoes

The importance of choosing quality kids’ shoes

Beyond their aesthetic function, the use of quality shoes is very important during childhood, since their feet are constantly growing. For this reason, at Mayoral, we adapt every detail of our kids’ shoes to their feet and, by doing so, guarantee their correct growth. 
Our shoes are wide and have a round toe design, so that their feet have enough space. Furthermore, the soles are flexible and have non-slip finishes to prevent falls. At the same time, we use light and breathable materials such as leather or cotton in the manufacturing of kids’ shoes. Most of our insoles are removable for greater hygiene, as well as anti-odour, anti-bacterial and with a “dry foot” effect.

Mayoral is a children’s fashion and footwear brand where you will find a wide range of shoes for kids, whatever their age. You can choose from shoes for newborn babies (sizes EU 15-19) soft and light; baby soes (sizes 3-7.5) and First Steps (sizes 2-6) for the little ones who are just staring to walk; and a complete collection of shoes for boys and girls up to size 7.
We know that every occasion (and every look) needs specific footwear, so at Mayoral we offer you shoes of different styles and colours. You will find kids’ shoes for special occasions, with sophisticated and elegant designs such as Mary Janes or moccasins, but also sport and casual options, such as trainers or casual shoes. You will also find a wide range of kids' summer footwear with espadrilles and sandals; as well as warm winter styles, such as boots and ankle boots to beat the coldest temperatures.

Visit and get to know all the details of our kids’ shoes. From its comfortable fastenings to its materials, available in a wide range of colours. All our kids’ shoe designs are in line with the latest trends that combine with the colours of the Mayoral collections to facilitate the creation of coordinated outfits.
Place your order for children’s footwear in our online store and enjoy all the guarantees of shopping on the official Mayoral website: receive your order comfortably at home. Although we are convinced that you will love your purchase, you will be able to return items free of charge at Because at Mayoral we are committed to offering you the best shopping experience and, of course, the highest quality for your little ones' feet.